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"SUCCESS always comes when we are willing to SHIFT. The greater your SHIFT, the greater your SUCCESS!"

- Iban Vermeulen


With over 15 years of corporate experience in marketing, I am a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success. My background in IT and front-end development, along with my experience as a marketing manager and digital marketing agency owner, makes me well-suited to lead the development of marketing strategies, teams and management. I have a strong understanding of digital marketing strategies, SEO, and brand development, as well as experience in business coaching and leadership development. If you need help with your business, please contact me and together we will SHIFT to the next level!

Iban Vermeulen

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All internal SHIFTS has an external RESULT!

Building a business and financial freedom is the single most fulfilling purpose that anyone can pursue in life! I will look at the areas lacking and the potential opportunities for your business to grow. I also look at the areas where you and your team can grow and how to achieve your goals!


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